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Contact support guide

BullGuard offers free support for all users, trial and paid account alike. The Support Team can be reached via live chat or e-mails from both our website and the installed application.

Contacting support: e-mail and Live Chat

Step 1

Click on the Contact Support button found in both the Main and Support section of the BullGuard user interface. This will start the guide to contact our Support Department. Click Next to continue.

Step 2

Choose whether to send an e-mail or start a Live Chat session. To proceed further, please make sure to write down a short description of the issue you need support for.

After clicking Next, you will be displayed either the message editor or the chat interface window. All chats are picked up instantly while all e-mails have a 1 hour response time for the supported languages during service hours (CET time zone):

English Team: 24/7; response time is 1hour.

Danish Team: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily; response time is 24 hours.

German Team: 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily; response time 1hour during service hours and 24 hours outside service hours.

French Team: 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily; response time 1 hour during service hours and 24 hours outside service hours.

Spanish Team: 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily; response time 1 hour during service hours and 24 hours outside service hours.
Step 3

Start a chat

The chat option means instant access to our Support Team by removing the times spent waiting for e-mail replies or in telephone queues. As with the e-mail support, the chat service is freely available to all BullGuard users and allows for on-the-spot solutions to security related questions or issues. The Live Chat is our primary support tool.

Send a file: Allows you to send files from their computer to the Support operator. This means that the supporter will receive the file instantly without having to wait for an e-mail, thus minimizing response times.

Send message: Clicking this button will send any text written in the text input field.

End chat: Will end the chat with the BullGuard Support. For any chats initiated from the Support module, a transcript will be available in the Message Center from the Support section in the BullGuard application.

Your chat will be handled by the appropriate language Support Team (identified by which language version of BullGuard you have installed). If your chat session is outside the service hours for your language group, your chat will be answered by the English Support Team which is available 24/7.

If you do not have BullGuard installed or you cannot start the application (lost password or technical issues), you have the option to start a chat from our Support page at http://www.bullguard.com/support/live-support.aspx

Remote Access

Remote access: This option allows you to request a remote assistance session for solving specific questions. When using the Remote access option, you will be asked to give BullGuard Support access to your computer either through "View mode" or "Remote Control".

The remote assistance is a feature designed to help you solve complex issues such as malware removal or BullGuard application issues by allowing Support operators to work directly on your computer. It is an invaluable tool that allows us to solve issues or perform complicated tasks efficiently and in a timely fashion.

Step 1.

The remote session can only be started from the BullGuard chat interface by clicking the Remote Access button and it can only be initiated by the user.

Step 2.

The first stage will allow the supporter to see only what the user sees on the computer screen. The supporter will need to acknowledge the connection at our end which will cause a notification pop-up message to appear on the user’s computer. Click on the Continue button to accept the remote connection to your computer, or No to cancel it.

Because the BullGuard supporters will have access to the user’s computer, please make sure to close any documents, pictures or web pages that might display confidential or personal information before starting a remote session.

Step 3.

Remote Control allows the Support operator to take over your computer. The Remote Control can only be initiated by the BullGuard supporters.

You must accept the control sharing in order for the supporter to work remotely on your computer. Users can gain the control back any time they wish to by pressing the CTRL+ALT+F12 key combination or clicking on the Take control button in their chat window.

Write an e-mail

After going through the Support guide and choosing to send an e-mail, you will see the message editor window. It is recommended to use the e-mail feature if you do not require an urgent reply or if you were asked to send any report files to BullGuard Support. All e-mails are replied to within 1 hour, with the exception that for Danish, German, French and Spanish language groups the 1 hour response time applies only to the service hours.

The e-mail conversations are stored in the Message Center tab from the Support section where you can find both sent and received e-mails and transcripts for the chat sessions.

When writing the message for the BullGuard Support Team it is recommended to fill in all fields with the appropriate information. This will ensure that your problem will be solved faster.

Edit: Offers the users the possibility of using functions such as Copy, Paste, Select All or Delete.

Attach: Will open a browser window where users can search for the files they need to attach to the message.

< and > arrow buttons: Work as forward and back buttons and are used to navigate through e-mails that have a long history making it easier to read them and to keep track of their history when replying.

Subject: It is highly important to have a relevant subject to your e-mail that will reflect your question or issue so that your message can be handled appropriately.

Attached: This field will list all attached files. By right clicking the Attached filed, you will be prompted with set of options for adding, removing or opening the attachments.

Message: Is used for writing the actual message to the Support Team.

B, I, U buttons: These are text formatting options for the Bold, Italic or Underline functions.

Send e-mail: Click on this button to send the e-mail to the BullGuard Support Department. A copy of this e-mail will be also saved in your Message Center from the Support module. If you close the e-mail editor before sending the message, you are asked whether to save the e-mail in the Drafts folder from

In case you do not have BullGuard installed or the Live Chat is offline (maintenance or technical issues), you have the option to send us a message from the BullGuard Support website at http://www.bullguard.com/support/ask-us-a-question.aspx.