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Editing game profiles

The Game Mode is a general profile you can set up for several games at once by adding the trigger executables and customizing the Firewall rules to your needs

To customize the profile, simply go to the Profiles tab in the Gaming module, right click the Gaming Mode and choose the Edit Settings option.

General tab

In the General tab of the profile you can add several executables from different games so that the profiles will be activated automatically whenever you start any of the games. Click the + button to add executable files to the Monitoring list or to remove the select rules.

Antivirus tab

In the Antivirus tab, you can set what the real-time monitor is permitted to scan and what to skip in order to improve game performance.


Only scan files opened for execution: The real-time monitor will scan only the files from the running processes; this will ensure that there will be no CPU spikes due to the real-time monitor when scanning large amounts of files.

Scan web traffic: On Access feature that checks the network traffic to detect any threats to the computer. This option can be left unchecked.

Scan incoming e-mail: This will make the On Access engine  scan all e-mails received by your e-mail client. This option can be left unchecked.

Exclude game folders from scan: When enabled, this option will prevent the real-time monitor from scanning the game files. When a file is scanned by the On Access engine, the file can be used only after the Antivirus scanned it. Games use a large amount of files and having them all scanned by the Antivirus may cause a performance drop. That’s why it is recommended to leave this option enabled.

Scan files from network locations: Allows BullGuard to automatically scan shared network resources when accessed by your computer. Leave unchecked to avoid performance drops.

Scan files from CD/DVD, memory drives and floppy discs: Allows BullGuard to scan files from removable storage media.

Firewall tab

The Firewall tab will allow you to define rules that will either allow the applications to connect to the internet or block their network access.

By clicking on the Ports button, you can add the ports number the game needs in order to connect to either a server or another remote computer.